Scrubber System

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Scrubber System

Toxic gases are usually created as a byproduct in many industries. Such gases have huge adverse effect on the environment, causing gobal warming and the rise of sea levels. Thus countries have come up with laws that govern the kind of gas that can be released in to the air.

This is where Cristal Technology comes in. We have been building scrubber systems for many industries. Our scrubber system outlet will comply with any environmental laws the country has about output of toxic gas.

Steps On Building a Air Scrubber system:

  • Study of air
  • Finding out the cheapest cost to clean air
  • Building of scrubber system
  • Phase 1 test
  • Phase 2 test
  • Taking sample from outlet of scrubber.
  • Sending it to governing agency and client
  • Handing over
  • Maintenance


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