Chemical Cleaning Lines

Conserving nature's natural beauty

by creating innovative solutions

Chemical Cleaning Lines

Since 1993 we have built, maintained and upgraded chemical cleaning cleaning lines for aerospace, oil and gas, semiconductor, manufacturing industries. Both overseas and locally.  Each Cleaning line differs from the last as we custom made each and every cleaning line based on our customer’s specific cleaning requirements.

Advantages Of Our Cleaning Line :

  1. High removal rate of all foreign material.
  2. High removal rate of carbon for all process parts.
  3. High removal rate of oil and grease of all parts.
  4. Guaranteed no damage of parts during cleaning.
  5. Choice of full automated or semi-automated cleaning.  
  6. Shorter cleaning time on every part.
  7. 24 hours operations.
  8. Long lifespan for cleaning line system.
  9. Full support on system maintenance after build up.


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