NDT Line

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NDT Line

Non Destructive Test is a test system that goes through a series of process for the purpose of detecting very small defect or abnormality. We have Experiences in building FPI (Florescent Penetrant Inspection) line, MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) line, LPI (Liquid Penetrant inspection) line. Such test can only be done after the part is thoroughly cleaned of all foreign substances.

Building an NDT Line may be very challenging as we have to make sure that the checks can be done carefully and with ease as undesirable consequences can occur due to the fact that the parts are not checked properly. One of such example is that an airplane part if not checked and maintained properly, could lead to lives lost if the part breaks during flight. Thus we at Cristal Technology are very careful and serious in building our NDT lines.

We are also always looking for a challenge and always rise above the challenge when building our NDT Lines.

Below are a few pictures of our NDT lines Built:

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